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tonight, you will never be part of my life." another says "just lost all my trust in the person i trusted most." you can interpret it one way, but a close friend of her says that there is no need to interpret it in a negative way. >> it could be related to a fight she got in that made her walk away from someone but i don't think it is someone who tried to harm her. those are just the kind posts she would post. >> we have heard from other friends she had some kind of an argument with the friend she went to the concert with but after the concert she made it back to the hotel. today, they are going to continue the search if her and they are checking her bank records to see if she has used her a.t.m. card and they will go door-to-door checking at the
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horizon hotel to see if she is in a room. the search continues today up there with people from petaluma up there trying to get the word out with a fundraiser at the sports bar tonight night to fund the search activity. >> thank you. a custodian who shot and killed a suspected car thief will be formally charged with murder today. investigators say the 26-year-old hernandez confronted the suspect in the underground garage of an apartment complex in san jose. hernandez thought he was trying to break-in to cars but hernandez attempt to make a citizens arrest developed into a struggle that ended in gunfire. hernandez was following his boss' order to detain the suspect until officers got there. a 19-year-old gang member accused of killing two innocent people in a mission district car crash on new year's day is
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scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. he was trying to get away from police after a drive-by shooting on tuesday and he smashed into another car. a woman in the other car and a man walking on the sidewalk died at the scene. >> this morning a stretch of road in berkeley is re-opened after a water main break that forced crews to close a lane near telegraph avenue a few blocks from the uc campus. workers had to dig up the street. water hasn't damaged any homes or businesses. there have been half a dozen water main breaks this week because of cold water combination and aging pipes. >> columbus parkway is re-opened after a huge tree branch fell on passing cars breaking off from the trees and fell into traffic last night. the branches weighed several tons. a passing van was crushed and two other cars were badly damaged. no one was hurt.
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it took crews more than two hours to clear the roads. >> san francisco giants most popular player is apologizing for an incident on new year's day. police were forced to remove romo from the airport after he got in a confrontation with security agents. we broke the store yesterday afternoon online. romo did nut have proper identification at a check point and argued with security officials. he was detained for a short while. last night, romo released a statement saying, i would like to sincerely apologize of the recent events at the las vegas airport which brought negative attention to the san francisco giants' organization and the fans. i love and respect the giants, my teammates and fans and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants' way." families of the victims of the connecticut school shooting host another victim of tragedy this afternoon.
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former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will travel to connecticut. two years ago she was wounded by a gunman in a mass shooting in tucson. tonight, a benefit concert for the sandy hook elementary school victims is held at new vision church. >> the u.s. labor department is set to release the latest monthly jobs report in an hour. some predict the unemployment rate for december will remain at 7.7 percent. economists forecast that employees or employers added 155,000 jobs last month. three reports released yesterday show companies may have continued to hire although the white house and congress were battling over the fiscal cliff. >> this morning a warning is going out to anyone who dropped off mail at the main post office recently in almeda. a big, box was stolen last weekend which was next to a parking lot. it is unclear when it was stolen or when workers last picked up the mail from it. check to see if any mail you
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sent has arrived. they advise customers to check credit cards and bank statements for unusual activists. >> crews are working in san francisco installing a light sculpture on the bay bridge. we got a close up look of the job with workers putting up the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights on the cables of the western span. when the project is finished the bridge will be the largest light sculpture and the lights will twinkle in ever-changing patterns. our reporter will have a live report on the bay lights at 5:00 >> flooding caused by high tides is forcing cal tran to close the park-'n-ride over the next few weeks starting toll in mill valley. the lot at shoreline highway was a trouble spot dug the storms. several cars suffered damage with users not warned of
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potential threat. cal tran say they will post the closing days and times. >> we have another storm coming in the not too distant future. we will check to see if this will bring a lot of rain. mike? >> it is going to bring a healthy amount of rain probably up to three quarters of an inch from the two systems coming tomorrow and sunday. right now you can see the visibility is he we are than they have been because of the extra moisture. with the moisture in the air and the temperatures nearing freezing, the frost will be thicker and black ice to be an issue. we will watch that. and a look at the high clouds that come in today and filter our sunshine. we have them this morning making for a color and beautiful sunrise to capture the images and put them on facebook.
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mike niccomike nicco at abc7. we will be in the low-to-mid 50's for noon and mid-50's throughout the afternoon. it will be dry this evening. the temperatures will be in the low-to-mid 50's. the week end shows rain returns tomorrow afternoon, and rain sunday could be more of an on-and-off all day thing and dry again on monday. >> so far, just overnight road k at the toll plaza with light traffic conditions and two right lanes on the upper deck until 5:00 a.m. shut down for road work. otherwise, traffic is getting by just fine. the san mateo bridge, no issues and the drive toward foster city is good if you are leaving the hayward area and both directions good. from the central valley, looking good up and over the pass at less than 20 minutes to
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pleasanton and we have road work on the dumbarton bridge until 5:00 a.m. with one lane blocked and eastbound a lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. >> next, a prominent member of the 49ers abruptly closes his twitter account. now he is telling abc7 about the vicious online attacks against him. >> the bus ad that is raising eyebrows. and what it has to do with jihad meaning. >> in tech bytes a big win for google after two year investigation the federal trade commission found no antitrust or anticompetition violation in how google highlights their search results with 70 percent of all searches in the united states going through google. polaroid has a chain of photo bars where you can edit, store,
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and print on the paper or wood or bamboo. >> a new report suggests apple will voice a line of voice-act have ited apparel in the next 1
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lows altos, and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us at 4:42 on friday morning. this is the embarcardero in san francisco the ferry building and the bay bridge. dry out there this morning. another chilly morning. rain is on the way. mike nicco will have the full forecast in a little bit. this afternoon a legendary head coach will step down. concord school is holding a press conference at 3:00 this afternoon. he told abc7 last month that he was contemplating retirement.
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everyone expected this will be the announcement. the 58-year-old has been the head coach of the spartans for 34 years leading to 29 section championships and led a team at one to 151-game ringing streak and last month he won the 4th straight state title. >> 49ers place kicker has taken a more serious turn. he is revealing about death threats to forced him to close twitter account. after 13 field goal attempts made him the tar guest loud boos and after getting threats on twitter and online he contacted the nfl and closed the twitter account. he says that no one is more disappointed in his season than he is. >> i am disappointed in myself and there is nothing i can do about it right now. cannot go to the past and try to get better and figure out what i
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can do. >> the 49ers have brought in another kicker who could replace him in the playoffs. >> the 49ers say there will be a limited number of tickets for the playoff game at candlestick. fans can buy tickets from other fans by the nfl ticket exchange. they will find out who they play after the first round playoff game. >> buss in san francisco are carrying messages of jihad but it is not what you think. it is a campaign to educate residents of real meaning of the word. >> my jihad is to stay fit despite my schedule. what is yours? that is part of the muni because ad. a group put 35 ads on buses in
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san francisco. >> the intention of the campaign is to educate our fellow americans about what the word "jihad" means. >> the executive director of the area office. >> a common misconception is it means armed struggle or holy war but that is something that has been perpetrated by many who have made years out of pushing antimuslim sentiment. >> i asked the muni riders if they knew the definition. >> holy war. >> religious war. >> the dictionary calls it a holy war but a second definition is much more appropriate. >> the proper meaning of jihad is to struggle. that's it. for many, that is anything from building relationships with neighbors to making it to work on time or doing better on a diet. >> it has been engrained it has negative connotation that is rooted in people.
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for the idea to change it would take more than people talking about it. >> the ads remain on the buses through the third week of january. the organization would not mind expanding to other transit agencies in the bay area. >> the anticipated consumer electronics show in las vegas is monday and two companies will look at the self-driving cars. one is toyota which posted a five second clip of the car that has sensors on the website. the other company claims their car can find a parking place and park itself. google has been testing self driving cars for three years. and now we will find out about the latest gadgets from the show with live reports on monday and tuesday going with abc7 news at 4:30. early in the morning, self
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driving sounds pretty good. >> i would not turn it down. >> driving this morning should not be a problem. is black ice a possibility? >> good possibility. there is more moisture in the air. there is more moisture out there. you do not see the haze from the east bay hills camera but it is out there. be aware the temperatures are around 32 the black ice could form. we have had three or four accidents this week because of black ice so you need to know. we are rain free right now. tomorrow? that changes. we are freezing in fairfield and concord and 34 in livermore and concord. 36 in redwood city and san jose is 37 and los gatos is 35 and mid-to-upper 30's around
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monterey bay. rain on sunday and monday and dry on tuesday. mid-to-upper 50's for today. more high clouds than we had yesterday. same thing around monterey bay. 59 headed inland to morgan hill and everyone else is in the low 60's of the tonight, mostly mid-to-upper 30's inland and mid-30's to mid-40's around the bay sure with clouds tonight no threat of frost. it is over. high pressure right now, most of the system is to the north but this is a very big system that will shove the high pressure out of the way. here is how: tomorrow morning the clouds roll in and this is one of the faster of the models of the three i look at and it has the rain coming in, moderate rain by 3:00, it will be around during later in the day and early evening. the other models bring it toward
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the evening. it means on saturday morning, for sure, it will be dry if you need to do stuff outside. overnight it will be dry. we wake up to more cloud cover on sunday and the next system rolling down with moderate rain in the north bay. and light-to-moderate rain later in the afternoon. we get up to three quarters of an inch of rain around the bear and up to 1" in the north bay. the accweather forecast shows with the rain it will be cooler and low 50's by sunday with sunshine monday and tuesday and another chance of rain on wednesday. have a great day. >> we had a couple of early issues with a stall in danville partly blocking that but it has been cleared. there is no slowing. road work in oakland area at 880 embarcardero and that has been picked up. that will be no problem if you are headed to oakland. in san jose, north 87 is moving
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nicely. the the upper deck of the bay bridge is slow for a few more minutes but moving into san francisco with no delays behind the snow plaza. katie and kristen? >> senator john kerry who has been nominated to become the next secretary of state begins to report to the state department today. he should win nomination by the senate in the next two weeks. secretary of state, hillary clinton, plans to step down. she still continues treatment for a blood clot near her brain which she suffered in a fall. >> top members of congress accuse the c.i.a. of misleading the makers of the osama bin laden raid filmed "zero dark 30"
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saying they were told harsh interrogation techniques helped track down the mastermind but it was found by the senate water boarding and other similar methods produced no useful intelligence. coming up next, a challenge of raising a baby coming up. studies of parent lend how to deal with crying infants. >> facebook considers a new
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>> good morning friday morning. a look from the camera on san francisco sutro tower. it is clear. it is cold. not as cold as yesterday with a big change coming for the weekend. mike nicco checks out the full forecast in a moment. >> an old business is opening a new headquarters in south bay.
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san jose mercury news is reporting the company that invented the credit score is relocating to san jose to be closer to silicon valley talent pool and is built near the airport and will be ready in february. nine fico employees are already working in san jose. >> facebook is trying to increase mobile appeal testing a feature for the latest messenger app that lets users call each other with the tap of a button, like skype without the video. it can be made with wi-fi or using the data plan. the feature is limited to canada for now. >> mike will look at forecast. guess what is back? >> the rain. you have been talking down about the cold so that is why the rain is coming back.
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>> you are speaking the voice of everyone else. that is why you are over there. right? >> now, what is going on? it is frosty. but not as frosty. today is the last day we scrape the ice. this afternoon, you can see high clouds are more dominant. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's. if you travel around the state, the radar shows how quiet it is right new. no rain in the forecast anywhere in the state today. temperatures in the mid-40's around tahoe and low-to-mid fix around eureka and chico and the warmest weather is san diego and los angeles and palm springs. safe travels. >> so far so good. it is friday "lite." the bay bridge toll plaza is
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light traffic with no delays on the upper deck. san mateo bridge, same thing, and industrial moving westbound on the flat section toward the high-rise everything is moving at the limit. eastbound is moving nicely, as well. westbound is slowing here, out of antioch which is typical this time of morning and the commute is good to concord with less than 15 minutes. from the central valley at the limit up and over the pass, under 20 minutes into pleasanton. >> a disoriented 83-year-old woman theirly missed being hit by a train in fremont when her car was stuck on the tracks. she flashed lights and alerted the conductor. she lost her way going to the
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doctor. police want the department of motor vehicles to reevaluate her driving skills. >> first time parents rush to babies at the first sound of a cry but you should resist. six-month-old babies whose mothers jumped to help them and mothers who did not. babies whose moms allow them to soot themselves were pore likely to sleep through the night and infants have natural two hour sleep cycles and it is critical this learn to fall back to sleep on their own. hopefully that makes it easier for first-time parents. i would rush to her when she cried. the second time i put in the ear plugs and went back to sleep. >> you were ahead of your time. >> passengers could spend more time, because of safety work that means travel delays. >> lighting up the bay bridge. crews are working hard to create the largest light
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00, and it is friday. >> that is the good news. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. >> we will see how mike is feeling over in the weather center and the forecast. mike? >> good morning. doing okay. good morning, everyone. it is quiet this

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